August 9, 2021 The IESE Network Team is currently finalizing our tiered supports and services for school districts across the state of Illinois. Access to our supports and services will be available on our website by the end of August. We will be working with ISBE's Department of Special Education to identify districts who are in need of immediate support for recruitment and retainment of high quality special educators, high quality and meaningful professional development with follow up coaching, mentoring for new and early career teachers, and building partnerships with parents and families of students with disabilities. Identified districts will be contacted in early September by IESE Network Staff. Districts who are not contacted by our team may also utilize our services by contacting us or by taking advantage of webinars and other self-guided training opportunities accessible through our website under the Professional Learning Tab. We look forward to improving services and outcomes for students with disabilities in Illinois.
about 1 month ago, Liza Thomas